Fay’s Pork Chop Bar-B-Que

Email – – If no response in several days – please call

Phone: (815) 264-3678

Cell – 815-751-8244

Fax: (815) 264-8809

7695 Leland Road, Waterman, IL 60556

We cater for many types of events. Some are close – others at quite a distance.  Menus are varied.  Time involved changes.  Crew size and equipment needs are tailored to your needs.  So, we are unable to post prices because they change with each event.

Think about what you would like to have, number of guests, your date, and your serving time.  Will you need drinks?

I will need your mailing address, phone number, and the address of the event.

Then Email or call with the needed information.  If your date and time are available, we can then prepare a letter for you with the estimated cost.  Thank you!